Myriad/Yescrypt P2Pool Network

Total Hashrate
Non-Stale Hashrate
Minimum Share Difficulty
Time since last block
Est. Time to block
Est. Blocks / Day

Connection Info

To start mining configure your miner to connect to your closest node:

Parent CoinLocationAlgorithmNode Address
XMYAuckland, New


Username: Your Parent Coin Address

Password: x

Suggested Command Lines:
sgminer --algorithm {Algorithm} -o stratum+tcp://{Node-Address} -O {Coin-Address}:x
ccminer --algorithm {Algorithm} -o stratum+tcp://{Node-Address} -O {Coin-Address}:x
cpuminer --algorithm {Algorithm} -o stratum+tcp://{Node-Address} -O {Coin-Address}:x

Once you have started mining, register your merged mining payout addresses via 'More Information' button next to your miner address on the Miners page.

Questions, Comments & Suggestions - Contact me via Reddit.

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